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Iowa is located in the Midwestern United States. The state is bordered by Minnesota to the north, Nebraska and South Dakota to the west, Missouri to the south, and Wisconsin and Illionis to the east south, and Wisconsin and Illinois to the east .

The Mississippi River forms the eastern boundary of the state, as well as the western border is formed in the south of Sioux City by the Missouri River and north of Sioux City by the Big Sioux River . The topography of the state is characterized by hilly plains. 

Loess elevations can be found along the western border, some are several hundred meters thick. Among the few naturally formed lakes are Spirit Lake, Lake Okoboji and West Lake Okoboji in northwest Iowa.

The annual rainfall in Iowa decreases towards the northwest. The wooded areas of the south and east are in the north and west in the high grass prairie of the Great Plains over.

The lowest point is the Mississippi River at Keokuk in southeast Iowa; the highest point is Hawkeye Point. In relation to the area the height differences are small.

Iowa is ranked 26th in all US states by area size. 0.71 percent of the state are water areas.


population growth
Censuspopulation± in %
1850192.214345,8 %
1860674.913251,1 %
18701.194.02076,9 %
18801.624.61536,1 %
18901.912.29717,7 %
19002.231.85316,7 %
19102.224.771-0,3 %
19202.404.0218,1 %
19302.470.9392,8 %
19402.538.2682,7 %
19502.621.0733,3 %
19602.757.5375,2 %
19702.824.3762,4 %
19802.913.8083,2 %
19902.776.755-4,7 %
20002.926.3245,4 %
20103.046.3554,1 %

Iowa has 3,156,145 inhabitants (as of 2021 estimated), of which 88.7 percent are white , 2.9 percent black or African American , 5.0 percent Hispanics or Latinos , 1.7 percent Asian Americans and 0.4 percent Indians .

Most residents of Iowa have European ancestors. At around 36 percent (2014) , those of German descent form by far the largest group. The Amana Colonies at the Iowa River are still dominated German today.

The largest religious community in Iowa is the Roman Catholic Church, which includes about 23 percent of the population. The individual Protestant denominations are clearly less represented. However, if the various Protestant groups are added, Iowa is more Protestant. The largest denominations in 2021 were the Catholic Church with 558,092, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America with 268,543 and the United Methodist Church with 248,211 followers.

The building “Trinity Church” in Manning became famous . Because of the reduced community, she was laboriously transported on a low loader to a place 10 km away.


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