FHA Case Number Format Clarifications

The system for the delivery of electronic appraisals for the FHA loans, what is called the FHA EAD portal, to which we dedicated an article mirrors in a good part, the same technology that is being utilized in standard mortgage loans. However, this is with some distinctions to do related to the FHA case number format, in regards to master data management and specifically in relation with other systems of the Federal Housing Administration.

The appraiser will initiate an appraisal report for a third party service provider or for the mortgagee. The 3rd party service provider will himself introduce the appraisal report utilising always the EAD website before the endorsement.

The appraisal report cannot be handled in anyway or with any format. The FHA, Federal Housing Administration, requires that the aforementioned document is issued according to a specific standard. This industry standard uses extensible markup language.

As you can see, the appraisers are required to know quite well how to use the EAD dashboard. Otherwise, their appraisal report could be rejected.

FHA Roster Appraisers will create appraisal reports for mortgagees or their third-party service providers, who will in turn submit the appraisal to FHA through the EAD portal prior to endorsement.

fha case number format

The appraisal report format required by FHA is the industry standard Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization Extensible Markup Language with embedded Portable Document Format (MISMO XML with Embedded PDF). FHA Roster Appraisers will create appraisals in this file format, using their own software, to ensure that FHA receives the appraiser’s original work product. Common Appraisal Data Errors FHA Roster Appraisers need to be familiar with the EAD portal’s general functionality, and how this functionality affects the appraisal report file formats and other appraisal data sent to FHA mortgagees. Full instructions for completing standard appraisal report forms are found in the FHA Single Family Housing Appraisal Report and Data Delivery Guide at: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/documents/huddoc?id=SFH_POLI_APPR_R PT_FIN.PDF. The following are some of the most common appraisal data errors that appraisers should check before completing an appraisal report: 1. Insert the FHA case number at the top of the upper right hand corner to correspond with the XML label: /VALUATION_RESPONSE/REPORT/@AppraiserAdditionalFileIdentifier. 2. Use the proper format/abbreviation for the state. In the Address for Subject field, match the United States Postal Service format. States are abbreviated with a two character alpha code, in all capital letters and without periods or other punctuation. For example, Pennsylvania is abbreviated as “PA” not “Pa.” The same rule applies when completing the appraiser’s License State field.


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