About Us

Joel Benjamin. I am an independent consultant to the mortgage industry on matters concerning compliance and mortgage lending. I work in monitoring regulatory developments and their practical implications for the mortgage lending industry. My duties include research, interpretation, and analysis of existing and proposed legislation related to the industry in support of recommendations for policy and/or procedure changes to maintain continued quality and compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, investor requirements, and standard mortgage practices.

In my more than ten years in the mortgage industry, I have gained experience in all areas of mortgage lending, risk management, and compliance.

I have strived in earnest to provide accurate and professional articles related to the FHA lending industry in this blog. During my years as an mortgage consultant, and also in this website I provide impartial and accurate work.

If you are buying a home or refinancing your home, and seeking an FHA loan, I can give you in this website an informed, honest, and independent opinion.

I take the work of editor of this website very seriously as I understand that the majority of the readers are making the largest investment of their lives, and that journey starts here searching for an FHA lender.